Selected Work

Navajo Street

Lower Highlands, Denver, Colorado

Traditional with a Modern Addition

This property in the LoHi neighborhood was originally an 1800s brick storefront that was likely a neighborhood grocery or another type of retail. Our initial plan was to refurbish the building into four townhomes, bringing back to life the original form and adding a clean modern addition. But after years of neglect, the building was not salvageable. The project turned from a refurbish to a rebuild, and the new design reflects a close version of the original brick. It was important for us to reuse and recreate as best we could, and we removed, refurbished and replaced the 10’ iron columns on the front of the building. The property is zoned high density, and at only 3125 sq ft, we had to be diligent with every inch to include ample living space and parking for the residents.