Selected Work

Stout Mansard

Curtis Park, Denver, Colorado

Mansard front of home

mansard roof, distinctive look

This is a newly constructed single-family home in the Curtis Park Neighborhood, part of the Denver Housing Authority’s (DHA) redevelopment of Platte Valley Homes. The mansard roof form is a unique building style that is mainly found in the historic fabric of Denver houses. The majority of the existing mansard houses were built in the late 1800’s- early 1900’s. The distinctive look of a mansard roof combine features of gambrel roofs and hip roofs. This design was encouraged by the neighborhood association and the Landmark preservation commission. The mansard roof style can be found sprinkled in the other styles of Curtis Park but is rarely (if ever) built new. Builders and developers tend to avoid the style due to the complexity of design, construction and cost.

Mansard roof detailMansard home front doorMansard home front porch