Custom Homes

Custom build and renovation consultation

Custom Homes

Whether you already bought a lot or you are still looking, Lumen Homes will work with you to find the perfect place to build your dream home. With every custom home build, our goal is to accurately express the personality and character of the people who will live there. This has resulted in a collection of expressive homes that not only reflect the style, personality, and vision of their owners, but that also reflect the commitment and excellence of the team who created them.

Remodels and Additions

Renovations marry the charm of an old home with modern beauty and amenities and can often be a highly profitable investment not to mention very rewarding when complete. A good renovation that both improves the home and the investment, requires extensive experience. At Lumen Homes, we have extensive expertise in evaluating substantial renovations and additions. We understand the process, and this ensures the project is managed and completed with considerable merit.

Home design process

Design Build

We understand that designing and building a home is one of the biggest investments a person can make in their lifetime, and we strive to keep that in mind throughout planning and construction. Our goal is to continually improve upon every home we build and by making the Design-Build process transparent, organized, and detailed. Our design process is rooted by our philosophy that each client, site, and home is unique. You will work closely with our team which consists of architect Michael McAtee, architectural designer Will Newman, and lead designer Paula McAtee to create a design that will become the heart of your new home. Lumen Homes promises to build every home to the highest quality standards in construction and to make the experience of building your dream home as pleasant as possible.

custom building and custom remodels
Single and multifamily development projects in denver, colorado

Multi Family & Townhomes

Lumen Homes has built variety of multifamily communities throughout the Denver metro area. We have partnered with developers on many infill projects that range from single family to multi-family residential. Our partnerships have similar vision to single family home build process with a design forward intent.